Welcome to BridgePro Engineering

BridgePro Engineering is an engineering led construction company focusing on delivering innovative solutions to simplify the complex.

We prefer to partner with our clients to deliver great outcomes in a collaborative way.

We are most successful in projects where we can apply our engineering skill, innovative team and specialised equipment to provide a smarter, better outcome for all parties. Our location on an island has meant that we have had to innovate and become multi-skilled in order to efficiently deliver our projects. Our limited access to the range of equipment and resources more commonly found in larger regions has forced us to think outside the box and hone our own skills. It means we have skills and equipment covering a wide area of construction expertise. This often provides significant advantages to our clients as we can control most aspects of the job.

Our projects range from a few thousand dollars through to $10+m and more. They include the design and construct (our specialty), or construct only of

  • Road and pedestrian bridges including bridge maintenance
  • Jetties, wharves and general marine construction including maintenance
  • Piled foundations including Driven, CFA, Bored or Drilled piles and Anchors
  • General civil infrastructure including dams, spillways, water retaining pits and tanks
  • General concrete maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Complex structure demolition and
  • Specialised precast including the proprietary Verti-block retaining wall system.

Our Expertise. Your Solution.


Marine, Wharves & Jetties

Piled Foundations

Specialist Precast

General Civil Infrastructure

Concrete Maintenance

BridgePro’s indoor pre-casting facility is second-to-none providing it with a distinct competitive edge in prestressed and reinforced concrete production.

Concrete is batched on site with a planetary mixer capable of creating self-consolidating and ultra-high performance concrete up to 150 MPa.

The automated batch plant accelerates curing with a combined hot water and steam treatment, ensuring both quality and production speed of specialised bridge components including prestressed Super T beams and Double T beams, abutments, pier sections and bridge parapets.

A universal prestress bed of 36 metres in length is capable of 1000 tonnes of prestress for components up to 3 metres wide.  There is 64 tonnes of gantry capacity plus both tilting and fixed flat panel beds, culvert moulds, battery moulds for double-sided panels and the high-performing Verti-Block ® retaining wall system moulds.

What We Offer