The New Bridgewater Bridge

Our most significant project to date has been working on the New Bridgewater bridge - Tasmania’s largest ever transport infrastructure project. The new four lane bridge will be the longest road bridge over water in Australia.

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The New Bridgewater Bridge

Tasmanian Department of State Growth
Key Personel:
Start Date:
October 2022
$786 million

The New Bridgewater Bridge

With a focus on local industry participation, the Tasmanian Department of State Growth awarded the design and construction of the new bridge to McConnell Dowell, with a commitment from them to engage local sub contractors throughout the entire process.

BridgePro’s work will involve the construction of the 42 piers required for the bridge. The first of these piers is 12m tall, holds 100m3 of concrete and has a 34-tonne reinforcing cage. The piers get taller towards the navigation span, where they will reach 15m tall and comprise of 125m2 of concrete before gradually shortening to be 8m in height at the Granton end.

Each pier is poured as a single pour, and the formwork is designed to withstand the immense pressure of the concrete at that height.

Our engineering team was responsible for the design of the form, which was then constructed by our boilermakers at BridgePro’s Latrobe site. It was crucial to be exacting in the curve measurements, and to minimise the joints in the form. We have over 60 staff dedicated to this project.

Like all of our projects, the New Bridgewater Bridge will serve as a legacy for our future generations, and stand as a testament to the skilled men and women who contributed to its design and construction.

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BridgePro acknowledges the traditional owners of this island, and pays respects to all Tasmanian Aboriginal people past, present and future.