Latrobe Flood Mitigation Project

After almost six years since the 2016 floods, the permit to work within the habitat of the Central North Burrowing Crayfish has been officially confirmed, marking the long-awaited commencement of the Latrobe Flood Mitigation Project - with construction now almost finalised (August 2023).


Latrobe Flood Mitigation Project

The Latrobe Council
Key Personel:
Start Date:
June 2022
Date for Practical Completion:
August 2023
Design Engineers:
BridgePro Engineering
$14 million

Latrobe Flood Mitigation Project

This innovative structure aims to redirect flood flows from Kings Creek at Kings Park, channelling them beneath Gilbert Street and Cotton Street before entering the Mersey River. Furthermore, the flood levee along Cotton Street has been thoughtfully redesigned, facilitating the reconstruction of Cotton Street atop the new levee and minimising the impact on private land.

One critical aspect of the project involved safeguarding the endangered Central North Burrowing Crayfish. Dedicated efforts have identified two new habitats where these species have been relocated from the construction zone.

Site works commenced in June 2022, establishing a site office at the overnight camping area behind the Station Square car park, followed by work initiation near Cotton Street on the diversion culvert.

As the Principal Contractor, we have worked for over 12 months on this project, finalising the work in mid-2023.

The Latrobe Flood Mitigation Project promises long-term community and environmental benefits.

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