Creating a legacy for future generations

BridgePro Engineering is a leading Tasmanian contractor specialising in innovative and high-quality end-to-end solutions, from concept to construction.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for thinking outside the square, we are dedicated to delivering reliable, safe, and sustainable projects, including bridge construction and maintenance, piled foundations, marine (wharves and jetties), concrete maintenance, complex civil infrastructure, and everything in between!

What sets us apart is our expertise and emphasis on innovation. We embrace cutting-edge technologies and utilise advanced engineering methods for performance and longevity. Our team not only stays up to date with everything happening in the industry, but is also creative, resourceful and inventive. This allows us to provide solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients, community, and state and that are made to last.

At BridgePro, our extensive portfolio showcases projects that are not only super cool and interesting, but have also contributed significantly to our state’s infrastructure, creating a legacy for Tasmanians to be proud of.

Here are a few quick facts

  • Our yearly turnover is between $50m and $100m
  • Our skilled workforce is made up of over 100 people
  • We take pride in maintaining industry-leading levels of diversity and inclusion among our workforce, with a strong representation of indigenous Australians, women, and minority employees
  • We have constructed over 200 bridges, including bridges in Antarctica, highway bridges, rural bridges, and the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the southern hemisphere
  • Our vision is to create a legacy for many generations to come
  • We are proudly Tasmanian owned and operated
  • We pride ourselves on a strong community focus

Our talented team

Just like a bridge needs a solid foundation, so does our business, and that’s our team – the pylons of BridgePro Engineering!

Our team is made up of talented and dynamic professionals who are ready to work with you to deliver project success. Each of our team members bring a huge amount of knowledge, skill and expertise to the task at hand, enabling us to consistently deliver innovative designs and end-to-end solutions.

At BridgePro Engineering, we understand every project is unique, so we take a personalised approach to meet specific needs. Our team works collaboratively to identify opportunities, tackle challenges, and implement effective strategies. From our front-of-house, administrative team, engineers, project managers, team leaders to construction crews – we work together to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Aboriginal flag Torres strait islander flag
BridgePro acknowledges the traditional owners of this island, and pays respects to all Tasmanian Aboriginal people past, present and future.