Females forming their legacy

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Historically, the civil construction industry has not been considered a women's occupation, but that narrative, especially at BridgePro Engineering, is changing. The industry has initiated a shift in this perspective and is now on the front foot with employment opportunities for both males and females. As surprising as it may sound, it is not new for women to be in the construction industry; they have played a part since the medieval ages. However, the stereotypical consensus suggests otherwise.

Since 2010, BridgePro has been committed to providing equal opportunity and strives to create an environment where all our employees can develop their skills, take pride in their work, and grow personally and professionally, regardless of gender. We are a diverse team, each of us bringing a different skillset that really does enable us to offer an end-to-end solution for our clients. Our employees embrace this diversity, enjoying the opportunity to work together on a huge range of projects. At BridgePro, everyone has a role to play, and we are committed to ensuring that each and every team member feels a sense of pride in the lasting impact they’re creating.

Although men still outnumber women in civil construction, including at BridgePro, there is a positive shift in gender balance due to cultural adaptation. We firmly believe that diversity is essential in the workplace, and we passionately focus on creating a more inclusive environment in the industry. 2020 statistics indicate a 21% increase in female participation in the general construction industry, and at BridgePro, we currently employ a number females who work across a range of roles including project managers, engineers, administration, construction, and more.

One of our remarkable female employees, Samantha Pyke, an apprentice carpenter with over two years of industry experience, shared her motivation for being on-site every day. For Sam, the diverse personalities she encounters make each day unique. Sam's advice to women considering a trade career is clear:

Just do it! You miss 100% of the chances you don't take.
Samantha Pyke

Her journey is a testament to taking those bold steps and embracing opportunities.

BridgePro is dedicated to creating a culture where each of our team members feels valued and acknowledged. Everyone at BridgePro plays a crucial role, and we ensure each team member takes pride in the lasting impact they contribute as we strive to create a lasting legacy.

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