2023 was a year of achievements for BridgePro Engineering in Tasmania

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2023 was a year of achievements for BridgePro Engineering in Tasmania

Let us take time to reflect upon the past 12 months. It was a year of remarkable achievements and tireless efforts from the whole team at BridgePro Engineering. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has set new benchmarks in Tasmania and strengthened our position in the industry and standing in the community.

Our Projects

During 2023 we completed the Warrawee Suspension Bridge, which is part of the Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails development. This one stands as a testament to our innovative team for months of dedicated work. (Read more below about the award we won for this project!)

Our collaboration with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Services resulted in the successful completion of the Lake Augusta bridge in October. This project enhances connectivity and showcases our commitment to Tasmania's natural environment.

The BridgePro team has poured countless hours into the Latrobe Flood Mitigation Project, with more work to come this year. This project is a significant step towards safeguarding the Latrobe community from potential floods.

We are currently mid-way through a restoration project in Bathurst Street, Launceston, with the aim of bringing an iconic pedestrian bridge back to life. Since disconnecting the pedestrian cross bridge on November 23, work has continued, with reinstallation scheduled to commence shortly, in mid- January.

Currently, in Bridgewater, we are undertaking the major construction of Tasmania's largest-ever transport infrastructure project. This impressive bridge includes the installation of 42 piers, ranging in height above the pile from 8m to 15m, with the highest part of the road about 23m from the water level. Our engineering team expertly designed the form, and the construction then took place at BridgePro's Latrobe site by our skilled boilermakers.

This project has consisted of 167,000 man hours as of the first week of December and will continue well into this year, so stay current with the progress as we advance this lasting legacy.

All our projects will serve as a legacy for Tasmania's future generations and stand as a testament to all experienced and talented individuals involved.

Awards & acknowledgements

2023 was a successful year for us at BPE, as we were humbly acknowledged for our hard work on several occasions. Earlier in the year, we were awarded by the Civil Contractors Federations Tasmania for taking out the 2023 CCF National Earth Award for a Project up to $2 Million or our work on the Warrawee Suspension Bridge.

This was followed by our own Jarrod Thomas, who was awarded the Emerging Professional Engineer of the Year. Jarrod's achievements highlight the depth of talent within our BPE team and the bright future that lies ahead for him.

Read more about Jarrod, the engineering trailblazer

A special acknowledgment also goes to Jack McPherson, whose dedication and hard work earned him a finalist nomination in the 2023 Trainee of the Year category at the Tasmanian Training Awards. We are immensely proud to have Jack as part of our team.

Ensuring the safety of our team is vital, and we are proud to have received a 'Highly Commended' award for our Workplace Health and Safety System, showcasing our commitment to creating a secure work environment through our mobile app.

Finally, we acknowledge Jack Van Ek, on his well-deserved appointment as the President of the Civil Contractors Federation Tasmania board for 2023-2025. Jack's leadership exemplifies the values that drive BridgePro.

We cannot forget to mention our newest team member – a 275-tonne capacity crane. Our equipment enhances our capabilities to deliver projects efficiently and precisely in our pursuit of continuous improvement.

A refreshed brand

It is important to recognise the significant progresses made over the past year for BridgePro, including our comprehensive rebrand. This initiative aimed to align our brand with our innovative and high-quality workmanship that BridgePro is known for. The rebranding included various elements, such as an updated website, featuring a modern design and improved user experience, new photography, and the launch of a campaign video. This movement has visually reinforced BridgePro’s commitment to excellence and passion for the industry, as well as a representation of our mission for leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Wrap up

As we reflect on these milestones, we extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated staff, contractors, and supportive community. These milestones would not have been possible without each of you.

As we begin 2024, we do so with excitement and passion, as we continue projects in Bridgewater, Launceston, and Latrobe, to name a few. This year holds new challenges, and many new opportunities, which are ready to embrace wholeheartedly.

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BridgePro acknowledges the traditional owners of this island, and pays respects to all Tasmanian Aboriginal people past, present and future.