Mersey Forest Road Bridges - BPE's bridge system

Our mission is to create safe, long-lasting, sustainable bridges for all to enjoy. In doing so, we've developed a bridge precast system for hard-to-reach areas across Tasmania.


Mersey Forest Road Bridges - BPE's bridge system

Sustainable Timber Tasmania
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Tom Wazny

Mersey Forest Road Bridges - BPE's bridge system

Over the past several years, we have had the privilege of collaborating closely with Sustainable Timber Tasmania. This partnership has seen us travel across many picturesque landscapes in Tasmania.

Our mission is to create safe, long-lasting, sustainable bridges for all to enjoy. While working on these projects, we have created an innovative BPE bridge system, a remarkable precast concrete bridge methodology that has found its niche in bridging the gap, quite literally, in diverse environments throughout Tasmania.

The BPE bridge system is a testament to our commitment to sustainable infrastructure. Designed with precision and honed over a decade of meticulous development, this method is tailor-made for bridges spanning between 8 to 14 meters. Its true strength shines in rural and remote areas where the availability of materials and equipment often poses a formidable challenge.

Among the numerous projects we've undertaken, let us introduce you to three recent BPE bridge system projects. Nestled in the heart of Tasmania, at Stretcher Creek, Mersey Tributary, and Juno Creek, these bridges serve a dual purpose. They offer passage and restore access for avid bushwalkers to some of Tasmania's most breathtaking treasures within the Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair World Heritage Area, as well as the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

Our dedication to the cause is reflected in the fact that we have successfully installed over 200 of these bridges over the past decade alone. But with a remarkable 100-year design life, our work is a testament to longevity and resilience.

While we celebrate our achievements, we also recognise the importance of sustainability in our approach, ensuring that our bridges last for many generations to come.

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