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Bridgewater Bridge July 2023 27

The New Bridgewater Bridge

Our most significant project to date has been working on the new Bridgewater bridge - Tasmania’s largest ever transport infrastructure project. The new four lane bridge, due to…
Warrawee Bridge 25

Warrawee Suspension Bridge

The Warrawee Suspension Bridge stands as a symbol of our commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and community collaboration. By constructing the longest…

Latrobe Flood Mitigation Project

After almost six years since the 2016 floods, the permit to work within the habitat of the Central North Burrowing Crayfish has been officially confirmed, marking the long-awaited…
Margaret street launceston

Margaret Street Sewer Diversion Project

We are proud to be playing a pivotal role in the Margaret Street Sewer Diversion Project, working alongside TasWater. This significant initiative aims to enhance the sewer…
Sea Port Pedestrian Bridge

Seaport Pedestrian Bridge

The design team at BridgePro worked tirelessly to develop a functional and visually appealing bridge, with a proven world-leading design solution. The design and construction of…
Union Bridge 3

Union Bridge

The project involved the construction of a new 72m long, three span prestressed girder bridge over 10m high.
Aboriginal flag Torres strait islander flag
BridgePro acknowledges the traditional owners of this island, and pays respects to all Tasmanian Aboriginal people past, present and future.