Our history

In an industry focused on large-scale projects, BridgePro Engineering prioritises long-term impact. This ethos drove founder and director Aaron Brimfield to start the business.

Aaron discovered his passion for construction, particularly bridges, at a young age. This realisation fuelled his aspiration to become an engineer and build bridges that would endure for future generations.

After gaining experience in various industry positions, Aaron's desire to create a lasting legacy and address industry gaps motivated him to establish his own business. Thus, BridgePro Engineering was founded in 2010. From its modest beginnings in Aaron's rumpus room with two individuals and a business plan, BridgePro has now grown to employ over 100 people.

From humble beginnings

The first BridgePro project was in March 2011, a ten-metre-long bridge at the Smithton Water Plant with a project budget of $19,000. Fast forward to now, working on Tasmania’s largest-ever infrastructure project and longest road bridge over water, the monumental Bridgewater Bridge.

Our team has also significantly grown since then, now including engineers, project managers, machine operators, coxswains, carpenters, boilermakers, fitters, mechanics, construction workers, truck drivers, administration, and a whole lot more.

BridgePro, based in Latrobe, is now one of Tasmania's largest contractors, maintaining a strong presence in the North-West community.

Throughout its history, BridgePro has consistently pushed beyond its comfort zone, which is evident in the diverse project portfolio. The team consistently leverages their experience, tackles challenges, and implements innovative solutions, showcasing their expertise. As the business expands, so do the opportunities for our talented team members to shine.

Where we have been working lately...

Bridgewater Bridge July 2023 27

The New Bridgewater Bridge

Our most significant project to date has been working on the new Bridgewater bridge - Tasmania’s largest ever transport infrastructure project. The new four lane bridge, due to…
Warrawee Bridge 25

Warrawee Suspension Bridge

The Warrawee Suspension Bridge stands as a symbol of our commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, and community collaboration. By constructing the longest…

Latrobe Flood Mitigation Project

After almost six years since the 2016 floods, the permit to work within the habitat of the Central North Burrowing Crayfish has been officially confirmed, marking the long-awaited…
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BridgePro acknowledges the traditional owners of this island, and pays respects to all Tasmanian Aboriginal people past, present and future.