Project Description

The project involved the construction of a new 72m long, three span prestressed girder bridge over 10m high.

  • Project: Union Bridge on Union Bridge Road
  • Client: Meander Valley Council
  • Client Contact:  Dino De Paoli
  • Project Value: $2.5m
  • Contract Mechanism: Design and Construct AS4902
  • Key Personel: Aaron Brimfield, Ed Millinson, Duc Trinh,  Tom Wazny, Zane Longley, Craig Saunders, Peter Cox
  • Start Date: August 2016
  • Date for Practical Completion: December 2017
  • Design Engineers: BridgePro Engineering, CSE Tasmania

Technical Details

  • 3 span bridge, dual lane
  • 72m long and over 10m high
  • Driven steel piles up to 70m long, precast concrete pier/ abutment, prestressed girders, cast insitu deck
  • Complex foundations into a karst (cave) system requiring a mid-construction design change to double the number of piles.
  • Installation using a 50t crawler crane on a barge along with erection gantries
  • Approach roadworks including cuts into a 10m high embankment and significant fill

Relevance to B3, R2 Prequalification Categories

  • Complex foundations involving deep piling
  • Pile installation from floating equipment (B4)
  • Cast insitu composite deck
  • Construction over water using floating cranes and erection gantries (B4)
  • Large / significant concrete pours (B4)
  • Significant earthworks including structural fill and rock protection