Project Description

Strengthening of the bridge substructure using a series of bonded steel plates

Replacement of the bridge deck with a new, composite precast concrete deck system. The replacement is only able to occur over weekends.

  • Client: Department of State Growth
  • Client Contact: Kevin Bourne
  • Project Value: $1.8m
  • Contract Mechanism: Construct only, AS2124
  • Key Personel: Aaron Brimfield, Ed Millinson, Andy Dexter, Zane Longley, Craig Saunders, Peter Cox, Adam Sculthorpe
  • Start Date: February 2018
  • Date for Practical Completion: May 2018
  • Original Contract Period:
  • Design Engineers: Pitt and Sherry

Technical Details

  • Installation of stainless steel plates to increase shear capacity of the hammer head piers. Plates bonded using Carbon Fibre techniques
  • Replacement of 74m of cast insitu non-composite concrete deck with full depth precast concrete panels in 3.2m lengths. The panels were connected to the girders with shear studs in grouted pockets.
  • The precast solution was an alternative to the designed precast/insitu concrete deck system. The alternative permitted the replacement within the allocated weekend shut down periods. The alternative was detailed by BridgePro in conjunction with the original design engineers.
  • Early in the bridge deck replacement, it was discovered that the bridge carried a significant fibre optic cable. This hiccup was managed smoothly and the cable subsequently relocated, supported and protected before returning to the completed structure.

Relevance to B3, R2 Prequalification Categories

  • Non-complex to moderately complex traffic management
  • Moderate to complex community / stakeholder management
  • Consultant team coordination
  • Steel girder bridges
  • Complex composite decks
  • Structures carrying significant public utilities