About Us

BridgePro Engineering is a highly skilled and innovative infrastructure solution provider delivering end-to-end workflow solutions from preconstruction through to completion. We provide a range of Construction (contracting) and Professional services to the Civil and Commercial Engineering Industry including pre-stressed concrete planks, aluminium footbridges, concrete panels, gravity blocks, and other specialised precast concrete structures.

PileProPilePro is a brand of BridgePro Engineering, together offering enhanced capability through a range of piling solutions including sheet piling and extraction of temporary works, vibrating piles, driven piles, drilling, and screwed foundation piles.

Verti-Block-logoBridgePro Engineering is an official Verti-Block licensee for the production, supply and installation of Verti-Block precast products for customers throughout Tasmania and Melbourne, VIC.

Facility And Assets

Our Office and Precast Facility is located in Latrobe, Tasmania, and comprises 700m2 of undercover and under gantry cranage and a 900m2 hardstand area. Core assets include:

  • patented plank and beam mould capable of producing planks up to 25m in length;
  • 38m2 buffed precast bed;
  • cantilevered suspended scaffold;
  • temporary timber bridge with 2T load capacity;
  • side-grip vibratory pile hammer capable of installing piles on any rake;
  • piling hammer capable of finishing piles on any rake;
  • re-usable sheet piles;
  • excavator mounted auger capable of installing screw piles or boring holes;
  • dynamic pile testing equipment capable of measuring stress waves in driven piles to determine their compression and tension capacity;
  • hydraulic jacking equipment capable of testing piles in tension or compression to 5000kN or higher.

We have strategic relationships with other companies and are capable of providing a full package including:

  • Bored piles to 1500 diameter including into solid rock;
  • Down-the-hole hammers and equipment to drill holes from 30 – 356mm diameter.


BridgePro Engineering’s Management System is Third Party Certified to:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management Systems



BridgePro Engineering holds prequalification with DIER Tasmania under the National Prequalification Scheme in the following categories:

  • B2 – Bridge Construction
  • BM – Bridge Maintenance

Additionally we hold accreditation in Tasmania as Registered Building Practitioners in the following categories:

  • Engineer Civil – Unrestricted
  • Builder Low Rise – Low Rise and Type B construction of Class 2 buildings



BridgePro Engineering is a member of:

  • Civil Contractors Federation (Tasmania)