Project Description

The City of Launceston commissioned the construction of a new pedestrian bridge, spanning the North Esk River between Seaport and North Bank, where an emerging upscale restaurant and park district was under development. Unsatisfied with the unsightly but functional industry standard rail truss solution, City of Launceston engaged BridgePro for a solution which not only met the technical requirements, but also architecturally unique to match the aesthetics of the area.

The BridgePro solution was chosen by Council over competing cable-stayed and box truss solutions on the basis of the BridgePro team, aesthetics and methodology.

The design team at BridgePro worked tirelessly to develop a functional and visually appeasing bridge, which when constructed would prove to be a world leading design solution. The design and construction of such a unique solution required a departure from conventional tried-and-tested designs. BridgePro resorted to first-principle calculations, computer modelling, and prototype testing to ensure the new bridge conformed to Australian Standards and design specifications. The BridgePro design comprises three spans support on two centre piers in a quad-pod pier arrangement. The significant design feature is the two arched 3d trusses running the length of the bridge on either side, providing the bridges structural rigidity.  The truss style bridge spans 120-metres and four metres wide.

BridgePro are extremely proud to have achieved the result by collaborating with 100% Tasmanian companies.