Project Description

City of Launceston called for Design and construct tenders for an iconic bridge across the Tamar river at Seaport.

The team at BridgePro responded, preparing a non-conventional design solution comprising a 3 dimensional space frame truss incorporating vertical and transverse arches. The solution provided an aesthetic solution with significantly less visual obstruction to the Council’s sample design.

The BridgePro solution was chosen by council over competing cable-stayed and box truss solutions on the basis of the BridgePro team, aesthetics and methodology

The design for the bridge required the bringing together of various consultant teams including, Design, Proof Engineering, Lighting, Hydraulics, Geotechnical and vibration analysis.

The location of the bridge in the middle of a major city required significant stakeholder management

Site works have been started from November 2017 and the bridge is expecting to complete by June 2018.

  • Client: City of Launceston
  • Client Contact: Dale Sinfield
  • Project Value: $2.8M
  • Contract Mechanism: Design and Construct, AS4902
  • Key Personel: Aaron Brimfield, Duc Trinh, Ed Millinson, Nam Do
  • Start Date:October 2017
  • Date for Practical Completion: June 2018
  • Design Engineers: BridgePro Engineering, Proof Engineering by Pitt & Sherry

Technical Details

It is a special one because:

  • Design, fabricate and install by 100% owned Tasmanian companies showing the great supports and our capabilities to deliver a significant infrastructure project.
  • The latest technologies which are not used very often in Tasmania, or even Australia i.e. pile driving and jack-up barge to avoid the challenging of fast changing tide and silky ground.
  • 130T of steel features into 4m-wide three arches and 8m-wide landing platform providing plenty spaces and safe accesses for both pedestrian and cyclist between Seaport and the soon-new-developed North Bank.
  • The centre of the bridge is clearing a 1:2000-year flood event, as well as maintaining a comfortable clearance for the rowers and other recreational activities along the North Esk River. On the other hand, it is low enough to maintain the spectacular open and boarding view.
  • The bridge will be fitted with colour LED lightning system which can be changed remotely during different occasions and the latest trick with motion sensor to detect and synchronise with pedestrian steps.

Relevance to B3, R2 Prequalification Categories

  • Complex foundations installed off floating plant (B4)
  • Complex geometric / aesthetic shapes (B4)
  • Significant fabricated steel superstructure (B4)
  • Construction over water using floating cranes (B4)
  • Consultant team coordination
  • Design management
  • Moderate to complex environmental management
  • Complex community/ stakeholder interfaces and management (B4)