Marine, Wharves & Jetties

BridgePro’s extensive marine maintenance and construction experience has produced a solid portfolio of iconic and functional marinas, docks, jetties.

With a range of floating plant and specialist piling gear we are well suited to undertaking near shore marine works. Our Jack Up Barge is particularly suited to constructing wharves and dolphins in areas with large tidal range and/ or raking piles. Our large ‘dumb’ barge is well suited to carrying high payloads of machinery, or precast. All are able to be readily removed from the water and transported to difficult, or hard to reach locations. Being modular in nature, they can also be configured to suit the desired application.

Our inhouse precast ability, allows us to control most aspects of the project

We have experience and skills in constructing,

  • Wharves
  • Jetties
  • Berthing and mooring dolphins
  • Navigation beacons and markers
  • Piles for Marinas