Bridge Construction & Maintenance

Bridges are where we cut our teeth and remain a core part of our business.

Their successful delivery utilises our full suite of skills from design, prefabrication, temporary works, foundation piling, insitu concrete, heavy lifting, and roadworks.

We construct our bridges in prestressed concrete, steel and aluminium to suit the requirements of the project.

Road Bridge Construction

We have constructed over 150 road bridges with some exceeding 100m long and over 10m high to current Australian Standard and loading.

Our principle construction material is prestressed concrete, but we also construct steel girder / concrete deck road bridges.

Some key Capabilities and Experience include

  • Design of concrete and steel bridges
  • Construction of over 150 road bridges
  • Bridge Construction to the AS5100 and the Vicroads Standard Specification with full QA systems
  • We incorporate aesthetic details such as rounded piers where possible
  • Inhouse construction of prestressed girders to 36m
  • Inhouse precasting of precast parapet piers, wingwalls and abutment sections
  • Inhouse fabrication of formwork, moulds, temporary works, steel barriers and ancillary competent
  • A range of temporary works including box girder match casting hydraulic trolleys, piling guides, temporary bridges, erection gantries, gangways, barges and pontoons

Pedestrian Bridge Construction

The art of building a pedestrian bridge is often as much about form as it is function.

At BridgePro we take pride in designing and constructing pedestrian bridges which are aesthetically appealing. With experience across most forms of pedestrian bridge construction, including advanced software for analysis of complex vibration modes and geometry, we are an ideal partner for any pedestrian bridge project.

Some key Capabilities and Experience include

  • Construction of over 20 pedestrian bridges including two bridges for use in Antarctica
  • Construction in steel, aluminium, composite and concrete
  • Truss, girder and cable stayed bridges
  • Functional and aesthetic designs

Road Bridge Maintenance

With ever increasing loads and ageing infrastructure, the rehabilitation, or strengthening of current assets becomes the most economical solution.

BridgePro has undertaken works on over 50 road bridges across Tasmania including some of the largest and most important bridges.

  Some key Capabilities and Experience include

  • Works on over 50 road bridges
  • Application of carbon fibre laminates and wraps
  • Application of external post-tensioning and bonded plates
  • Deck overlays and deck replacements
  • Deck joint replacement
  • Bearing replacement and maintenance
  • Hydro demolition and concrete repair
  • Crack injection and joint sealing