Foundation Piling and Load Testing

BridgePro Engineering operates specialised piling and augering equipment to provide cost-effective and practical alternatives to treaditional foundations to offer:

  • Screw Pile Foundations using a Pendulum Auger capable of generating 17,000 Nm of drilling torque making the foundation quick to install without any mess or fuss, and ready to be built upon immediately. They are ideally suited to projects requiring foundations up to 20 tonnes such as commercial and domestic foundations. They are also capable of supporting structures in both tension and compression, providing an ideal solution where overturning forces are significant or when ground conditions aren’t suitable for other foundation methods. As such, screw piles can be used as a steel foundation solution for railway and highway installations, masts, towers, cantilever gantries, platforms, lighting columns and sign posts.
  • Vibrated Piles using a Side-Grip Vibratory Pile Hammer which grips the pile on the side rather than the more traditional top-grip method. By gripping from the side, the pile is able longer than 6m (up to 18m in fact). Generating an impressive 600kN of vibratory force at 3000Hz, the vibrator is bettered in power by only the very largest crawler mounted rigs only available in the bigger mainland cities. Equally able to install and extract piles the vibrator is perfect for installing and later removing temporary works, and can operate at any angle to instal piles at any rake including horizontally.
  • Driven Piles using an Accelerated Impact Hammer which provides up to 30 kJ of energy; the equivalent of 3 tonnes dropped from 1.0 m or the largest excavator mounted rigs available in Tasmania. It is able to drive piles into hard rock and can be used to demonstrate capacities in excess of 3,000 kN.

Our Impact Hammer can be used in conjunction with the Side-Grip Vibratory Hammer or off-sided by assisting machinery to handle and pitch piles. And our Pendulum Auger coupled with a 250 and 350 dia rock auger is able to bore through the centre of the pile, pre-bore holes and remove obstructions.

Our specialised piling and augering equipment is capable of driving:

  • Screw piles up to 500kN in capacity
  • H-piles up to 500WC and up to 18m long.
  • Sheet piles in width from 400 to 1200 mm.
  • Timber piles from 150 to 400 mm in diameter and up to 18m long.
  • Tube piles from 200 to 610 mm in diameter.
  • Concrete piles 300 to 400 mm square

For further details of our foundation piling and load testing capabilities, please visit our PilePro website, a brand of BridgePro Engineering


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