Bridge, Wharf and Jetty Construction Solutions

Through an experienced team of designers, engineering and construction crews operating the latest technology, BridgePro Engineering offers the complete end-to-end workflow solution to your engineering needs from design to completion.

The BridgePro team has extensive experience managing and delivering contracts for Private, Local and State Government with values in excess of $8 million. Typical bridge, wharf and jetty construction comprise some or all of the following activities:

– demolition of the existing structure
– pile driving and construction of abutments, piers and crossheads for sub-structure
– installation of t-plank super-structure transversely post-tensioned together
– armour rock or wingwall protection, low, medium or high performance barrier, guardrail fencing and approaches.

BridgePro prides itself on the delivery of the most economical solution in the shortest practicable timeframe. This is primarily achieved using the BridgePro standardised designs and componentry which greatly reduces the start-up phase; the t-plank system refined by BridgePro providing a viable solution and seamless transition with the existing road. We also maintain a stock of sufficient materials to construct a 12-meter precast concrete structure to eliminate any lead time prior to prefabrication. These initiatives have also proven to be a viable alternative to the installation of temporary structures following the compromise or loss of an asset.

Our well organised, highly skilled and motivated work force enables our bridge replacements, from demolition to commissioning, to take place using BridgePro’s rapid installation processes. The coordination of detailed project planning and management is meticulous and identifies alternatives for various scenario’s in order to deliver our projects on time, on budget, without incident or harm to the local environment, and to the satisfaction of the Client. Project pre-planning includes consultation with adjacent landowners to identify their concerns, and where practicable addresses these within the rapid installation methodology to minimise BridgePro’s construction time on-site and unnecessary disruption to local residents and road users; providing our Clients confidence in our service delivery within the proposed timeframe.

BridgePro Engineering has the expertise and equipment to deliver your project, even in the most demanding of environments. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligations consultation at your convenience.


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