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Aluminium Pedestrian Bridges

BridgePro Engineering’s Aluminium Pedestrian Bridges are specifically engineered and manufactured in Tasmania to provide elegant yet durable clear span solution up to 30 meters for both urban and remote locations.

The use of aluminium provides much more than an architectural alternative to timber, steel and concrete structures. Our pedestrian structures are extremely durable due to the highly corrosive resistant properties of the marine grade aluminium we use. This makes them an ideal solution for coastal and other corrosive environments where the asset can be enjoyed with minimal long-term maintenance requirements.

Transport and installation is simplified due to the light weight yet strong properties of aluminium. Aluminium is also versatile enough to incorporate a unique profile into you design criteria. BridgePro’s experienced team of designers, engineering and construction crews operating the latest technology offers the complete end-to-end workflow solution to provide you with a long lasting durable asset. Our Professional Civil, Structural and Geotechnical Engineers can design, or provide input through early contractor involvement with your Designer, to develop the most economical solution through the full exploitation of our capabilities and efficiencies.

BridgePro has the expertise and equipment to deliver your project, even in the most demanding of environments. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation at your convenience


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